My thoughts on Heroes on NBC


So I watched Heroes last night. Here are a few thoughts:

On the whole I enjoyed it simply because I am down with anything having to do with super heroes, fantasy, etc. So my overall thoughts are I am going to stick with it, see how it pans out, see how it grows, etc.

Here are a list of some problems I had right off the bat:

Heroes 90210:
Why does everyone have to be young a pretty? Why can’t we have an old man or something? I know we get the fat cop next week, and we have the funny Japan guy who can teleport. But I want more ugly people with powers. Everyone is just a little too GQ for my taste, and it distracts from the grit I need to have in my hero lore. 😉

What is that porn lady’s power anyway?:
I kinda wish we would find that out sooner than later. She has a split personality or something? Did she kill the thugs or did her reflection? They left that TOO wide open.

I thought the brothers flying looked like I made it in my backyard on my Sony handi-cam. They need to beef that sort of thing up for me to suspend my dis-belief.

But on the whole, I sort of liked it. Was not floored or anything, and felt the writing was a little rushy, but generally it has potential and I sincerely hope they don’t blow it.