My take on the big three TV moments of yesterday.

LOST season 3 premier:
Loved it. I have always loved lost and this episode was great IMO. The guy they are now calling Ben is creepy as ever, and I like some of new faces…that chick for one. Looking forward to another great season. Could have had more castaways in this one other than just Jack Kate and Sawyer but all good stuff.

The Nine:
This show officially and firmly has me by the noodle. I heard it was getting some good buzz and quite a few critics were calling it the best new show this season. I think I will have to agree. I was rivited the entire time, and cant wait to see how the story fleshes out the mysterious 52 hours in the bank. Excellent all around…especially the cast and the acting. A sure hit I am hoping.

Southpark WoW Episode:
GENIUS! More than anything this was a tip of the hat to players and lovers of the game. The in-wow sequences, of which there were tons, were simply wonderfully done. There were tons of jokes and satire about the game, games like it, and those who call themselves hardcore, but there was always this respect and care given to the game itself…hard to explain, but there is no question that the Southpark folks are fans of WoW and blizzard in general, and I can’t say enough good things about the episode. Its a total keeper.

All in all, I can’t remember a better night of TV in a long time. My geek senses were tingling for hours after.