My review of Clubhouse Games for the DS


Wow. Just when you think you might be picking up a bargain bin special on a new game that probably sucks, you end up getting a serious contender for one of my favorite DS games to date! The game is Clubhouse Games for the Nintendo DS.

The short of it is there are 42 games in this thing, from poker to connect 5 to darts to bowling to…well, you get the point. Each game is fun and well presented, and the computer is a pretty decent opponent most of the time.

Graphically the game is nothing special…but it does the job efficiently enough. Its pretty much Stylus Only work here folks, so get your writing hand ready. The control is simple, fast and easy to pickup and put down.

The best part has to be the online mode. It was seconds and I was in a slam bam game of Texas Hold-em with some dude across the country. Played like that until the wee hours last night and loved every minute of it. I have yet to be sitting around waiting for a game online…they just seem to be there when I hop on. Great stuff.

EDIT: My friend code is: 2320 0934 2324

Highly recommended, and I will give it 4.5 alien dude heads out of 5.