My new favorite iPhone / Touch game: TriniTower

I have this friend in Texas, named Jeremy, totally cool dude…known him for years and years. He moved there to work full time for a video game company of some note, and recently, jumped out on his own. Which is awesome. Anyway, one of his first projects was this little iPhone game called TriniTower. Here is how he describes it:

TriniTower is a tri-tower solitaire game. Play cards up or down onto the discard from three stacks. Earn points as you clear the stacks. The card game by itself is fun, but don’t think that’s where it stops. TriniTower engages you from the very beginning with its stunning visual qualities, animation effects, and audio effects. Then it clinches its hold on you with that old-style arcade game feel, complete with “unlockable” achievement levels. Play is fast so you can fill spare moments while waiting in line, or a boring meeting. Just one word of caution – don’t loan it to your friend, you may never get your phone back!

It really is that good. I now mark it as my current favorite app on the store, and if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, grab it! 1.99 is all and I promise you’ll enjoy it. Here is the site with more information, and here is a direct link to it in the app store to go and get it.