My first ticket EVER.


Well, I knew the time would come. Generally I am not mister McSpeedy or anything, but in all my 37 years on planet earth, I have NEVER gotten a ticket, never been in a wreck, never even had a fender bender. I simply have a perfect driving record.

Well today Officer Muller pulled me over a short distance from my house doing 52 in a 35. We estimate the ticket will cost me about a hundred bucks or so. I feel like I hit a major milestone in my life with this happening…like my final chuck of life’s innocence was hacked off and thrown to the wolves.

As a side note, I learned that cops don’t think its very funny when you produce a 3 year old Jiffy-Lube receipt and say, “Is this the registration paperwork you need?” while he stands at your open window. 🙂