My DS Lite woes


So I find ONE of these things left in a walmart up north…NOBODY else has them…either sold out, or delayed shipments. Regardless, I thought, yes! I have my own DS Lite. Neener neener neener. Right? WRONG! My Lite has a busted pixel in the upper LCD. Its green and it drives me CRAZY when I play. Its so distracting from the otherwise BRILLIANT display, that I just can’t look away.

Here is a video of the problem I took today.

So, my question to you guys is this: Is there a way to self repair that pixel on my own, or do I just suck it up till Walmart can replace it?

UPDATE: All is well…bought it from a local GameKrazy who just got a new box this afternoon, and returned the bad pixel to Walmart with a smirk on me face. 🙂