Changes, they be a comin’…


As reported first in a guest appearance on CNET’s Buzz Out Loud 1000th episode this morning, I am making a fairly major life change starting Monday morning.

I’ve been trying to get to this point for a very long time in my professional life, and despite the nerve racking nature of a jump like this, I am officially self employed, under the FrogPants Studios banner, starting Monday the 22nd of June.

How is it I can finally make this decision and move forward? Here is the short of it.

I have worked with the same people for the last 12 years that I don’t really think of them as employers as much as I do extended family. We’re a pretty tightly knit group, and we have been through a lot. One of the great things about working with them has been how much support they have always shown for my inner nerd, and my creative bursts of…well…creativity.

Though they are losing me as a warm body in the office, I’ll still be doing work for them all the time. They’ve been really cool about keeping me on in a contractor role. It’s as close as I’ve gotten to a real Win-Win in a very long time. Maintain the relationship, while building my monster.

What does all this mean for Extralife and all that is connected to it? Plenty. I am ramping up everything: More EL comics (including three a week Experience Points, up from 2), more podcasting, more commissions, more clients, more special projects, more prints, more books, more more more.

I can finally stop turning down commissions due to time constraints. I can finally launch a few projects that have been burning on the stove for too long. I can finally take all this to the next level. Hopefully a mine cart level. Or ice level.

It’s super hard for me to convey in this blog post how excited I am about this change. So I won’t even try. I will just leave it at this: Thank you all so much for being here for the ride. It’s only gonna go up from here.