Best of 2006 according to me…


Best Game I Played: Gears of War
Simply the coolest and most fun game I have had my hands on in quite a while.

Worst: NES version of DK

Best Console I Bought: The Wii
I really like my 360, which I also got early this year, but the Wii has been more fun in the house than a console has been in a long time. Technically my PSP and DS Lite were purchased this year as well, and while I have had my share of fun on those platforms (DS mostly) the Wii has won out in the end above all for sheer fun and a great way to me the kids and Kim all on the same TV again.

Worst: PSP

Best TV show I saw this year: Battlestar Galactica (again)
I love Heroes, Earl, The Office, Mythbusters, and even Lost still, but BSG is simply the best produced, written, and acted show on TV right now. It is an event in our house when we watch it, and I can’t wait for more. They give me characters I care about, characters I love to hate, and characters I love to love…and they do it in a compelling universe with challenges that hit right home in ours. Can’t say enough about it.

Worst: Brothers and Sisters

Best book(s) I read this year: The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King
I read The Gunslinger, the first book, way back in high school…and picked it up again about 6 months ago. I really got hooked all over again and ripped straight through all 7 epic tomes. I loved every second of it, and marvel still how King was able to construct such a complicated multiverse of story telling in a way that I could not only grasp it, but embrace it. “Childe Rolland to the Dark Tower came”….and come there he does in a HUGE way. Highly recommended.

Worst: None…it’s all I read.

Best movie I saw this year: V for Vendetta
Nothing you geeks don’t already know. Simply great and could not get enough of it.

Worst: Eragon

Best thing that happened to me all year: The ExtraLife Brand explodes
I have you guys to thank for this. I just make the content…if good people like yourselves don’t like it, then what good is it? 🙂 The site tripled in traffic, quadrupled in visitors, and the podcasts have gone from a couple hundred weekly downloads to 15,000 per new episode per week. I just feel like things are at the point where its a self-growing machine of sorts, and due to the fact that things are so community fueled, I doubt it will slow anytime soon. THANK YOU ALL!

Worst: Sony got weird and did not remember what made our relationship special and how much it meant to me. We are no longer seeing each other. Call me in a few years, big boy.

So what is your list like? Post it in the comments!