Mount your TV! Help Nick go to college!

hehe…Not really, but I work with a company called Matix, who makes all sorts of high end audio and video components, cables and other hardware. They just shipped a HDTV kit that includes a big mounting bracket, 10ft HDMI cable, 10ft component cable, 10ft TOSLINK digital cable, and a screen cleaning kit. It is designed for 32 to 60 inch flat panel HDTV’s, Plasma or LCD.

Anyway, I know this sounds like a commercial, but I am just proud to see my packaging artwork sitting in Walmart like that. Right now they are only in 20 or so stores in Utah, but they expect a nationwide roll out this fall and winter.

So if you are in Walmart, you might just see my son Nick starring at you from the electronics department. (See a bigger one here.)