Mortal Kombat’s Best And Worst Fatalities

The Mortal Kombat series has had its ups and downs in terms of gameplay quality throughout the years, but it has always maintained its reputation for ludicrous, over-the-top violence. Even non-gamers know the phrases “Finish Him,” “Get over here,” and “Fatality,” along with the franchise’s history of violence and controversy.

Standard bouts contained their fair share of blood, but it was in the match-ending Fatalities that the severed limbs, disembowelment, and exploding heads came into play. As time went on, they evolved from the now-simple “punch his head off” finishers to some truly cartoonish sequences later on in the series. Here’s our look at the best, worst, and downright confusing Fatalities in MK history.

My favorite? Probably this one:

There is some good stuff in here for fans of the MK universe.