Microsoft Announce The Zune


Although i’m sure Microsoft were trying their best to keep Zune their best kept secret, pictures and information managed to surface across the Interweb a few months back. But today, Microsoft seemed to do the redundant task of ‘officially’ announcing the Zune. So what shall we come to expect from the it? WiF capabilities, 30GB of HDD, built-in FM, 3-inch screen and music, pictures and video playback. The player will also come in three colours, black, white and rathly odly, brown. Nothing to groundbreaking, but Microsoft seemed to be keeping tight lipped about other functionalities. So expect to hear a few more features treacle there way out over the coming weeks. The first video of the Zune in use has made its way out, showing the majority of its features under heavy screwtiny.

Aside from the impressive screen, I can’t say i’m to fussed for it. The player itself looks very corporate, and uninspiring. I want to see some curves, Microsoft. Curves! So, what is everyone elses take on it?