MC Frontalot and Jonathan Coulton were on FourCast


Tom Merritt and I had the honor of having lord of Nerdcore rap, MC Frontalot and Internet music superstar, Jonathan Coulton on our most recent episode of FourCast. What a freaky-deeky fun time that was. Can’t speak for you guys, but these two represent all that is great and wonderful about creating something awesome in the world, and using the Internet as a vehicle to get there. Thus kicking up the FourCast music geek cred by a factor of 1000.

And of course these guys had much to say on the topic of our future as a human race, and the humor and intelligence that poured out of this meeting will stay with you like a vat of maturing synthetic meat products. (Listen and that last sentence will make sense.)

I had a really great time, and I recommend listening.