Man, do I ever hate Gates now…

Not Bill Gates. I actually really like him. No, I’m talking about big metal swinging gates that are not secured, that move out into traffic with the wind, and cause this much damage to my Honda van.

As you can see, pretty nasty stuff. You can see the rest on Flickr. Found out this morning that damage is in the $6500.00 range, and that is only if we don’t have to replace the roof panel. Not only that, but we are talking 15 days or longer for the repair. Bottom line? Could have been worse. My 11 year old daughter was in the passenger seat when it happened, and had it been an inch to the left, it could have come through the window and really hurt her, or worse.

Just glad they are fine. But holy crap, I hate car stuff. Damn our need for convenient travel technology!!!