Nerdtacular Update!


I put all the details after this link so as not to clutter up the blog. Click here to

EDIT: For those not coming, the N09 print is available on the store, signed of course.

Well, the day is nearly here. One week from the time that I am typing this. I think I’ll keep this post sticky all week so ticket holders can keep up to date on things before the big date happens.

Wanted to do a HUGE shoutout to sponsors and contributors to the event this year. Without these guys, it simply would not happen, and without many of them, I would not have this HUGE stash of prizes and swag to give out on the 9th. They include:, Josh Fetner, Jeff Syer, Epsilon Securities, Jinx, The Mystery Korean, The Maccast, Alex Strong, Gerry Conway, Utah Helicopter, Doghouse Systems, KUER FM 90, the Ctrl Alt WoW podcast, Paul Fox, Manly Knitting, Bay94c, Rodrigo Hashimoto, and Coverville.

You should just some of the cool stuff we have this year! Couple 360s, helicopter ride, hats, shirts, game packages, DVD’s, chainmail stuff, action figures, a flat panel display, iPod’s…..I could go on.

IMPORTANT: If you’re reading this, have a ticket registered, but are not getting my update emails, PLEASE let me know. (myextralife at gmail dot com) Chances are you use Yahoo mail and they think what I am sending you is spam. Yeah, I know…lame! Get gmail, and thank me later.

In that email, you will find details like when to be at the theater, where that theater is, what to bring so you can get your seats, details on the post-film park hangout, and more. Again, if you did not get the email, please contact me and I will get with any of you personally.

If any of you coming have cameras, feel free to bring them along and lets of shots of each other. I’d like to get a hold of everyone’s pics and compile them in a big Flickr group when done.

And have you been watching the reviews? Looks like we picked another winner this year.

Also, to all those who are not coming this year, I will be posting loads of photos, videos, etc from the event right here on the blog, so you too can relive the event through a tiny window in your browser.

I’ll add to this post if and when more information comes to light!