Love for the people

I don’t do this enough. I am often SOOO incredibly grateful for the readers listeners in the EL community. But I don’t say it enough. Moreover I don’t say it enough by giving a little more back to you. So many of you have supported the site in so many ways. Buying 56 Geeks prints, t-shirts, prints, comic guest star spots, sketches, simple donations…and even just bothering to come and read my stuff at all. I feel like I owe you guys a great deal.

So, rather than get all mushy, I want to go a giveaway. Post a comment in this thread, and I will pick two of you at random to receive a Fat Hero Print Pack, plus a 9×12 56 Geeks print, all signed and shipped to you, free of charge. I wish I could just pack up a set for every single one of you, but it’s just not possible. So yeah, it’s a small thing, but something I can do and do quick. Get to commenting! (PS Overseas is great as well, and also keep in mind, I will only pull randomly from the pool after I have eliminated all duplicate people…so if you post a comment more than once, you will only be considered once. :))