Looking for more freaks and geeks.

We had a HUGE surge of downloads for show 44 on ExtraLife Radio, which aired weeks and weeks ago. the one with the Larper on it, dealing with people running around and hitting each other with padded swords, etc. It was a total hit back then, and I figure there has to be more people out there with unique, crazy, wacky hobbies or obsessions that would come on the show as well.

Trying to plan a few panel shows in advance, so if any of you have something you are dying to share with the audience, and you think it makes for good radio (and I end up agreeing) let me know!! Send emails to myextralife@gmail.com. We might could get you on. 🙂

Also, show 50 is coming up Tuesday night, and I would love if a bunch of you sent in MP3 / WAV congrats or called the BEEF line. We want to play a few of these on the show. Send those to the same email, or call 206.350.BEEF and leave a voice mail. 🙂