Listen While You Brush

Will Smith

A group of Scientists, if you’re willing to call them that, have created what they like to call a “remarkable toothbrush“. What’s so remarkable about it? Well, it allows you to listen to music as you brush your teeth. But not through the conventional means of a Hi-Fi/iPod/Generic MP3 Listen Device, but through a small microchip, your teeth and your jaw. The way music was designed to be listened to, i’m sure. It works by having a single music track implanted on a microchip in the toothbrush and when the play button is hit, the song moves along the toothbrush, through the bristles, onto your teeth, into your jaw and eventually to your ears where you can hear the blissfull tones of either the Black Eyed Peas or Will Smith.

All these technical advancements, and this is what we’ve surcome to? Will Smith getting jiggy in our mouth? Please, mind the pun.