Like Pizza? Do this deal.


Not sure if this is available outside of Utah, but if you go to Dominos Pizza and “order online”, you can use the code “click” and get a free pizza! No other thing to buy. Seems like a sweet deal if you can stomach that pizza, and not a dime out of pocket. Bryon sent me the news, and I thought I would pass it onto you guys.

UPDATE: OK…this is just too good. They were like an hour late with the pizza, so I called just to check in on it. Turns out, right after I posted the code, they got 48 orders online almost immediately the little area I work in.


He was all ticked at corporate because the code is “ridiculous”. (His words.) But as you can see, we got ours!

UPDATE 2: Looks like they MIGHT be in the midst of damage control…they seem to have pulled the code from the system in some places, but not all. Don’t blame them. At least locally, this thing put them into a logistical nightmare.