Keeping Track of the DC Reboot

As many of you will already know, DC Comics (which, as I understand it stands for Detective Comics Comics) is slowly revealing a full list of titles that they are rebooting back to number 1 (or, in some cases, simply starting at number 1). This means that titles like The Flash and Teen Titans all the way up to the big guns of Action Comics and Detective Comics will, starting August 31, will restart in a Universe-wide reboot.

There are 52 comics being relaunched (as well as a 53rd in 2012), with new creators on books that you might have been reading for decades, or some that you’ve never heard of .

So how do you keep track of it all?

Head on over to iFanboy, because they’ve got a “Definitive Guide to the DC Comics Reboot” that is slowly being updated with every title from Justice League written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee, all the way down the list of 52 (53) titles. It’s a super useful tool, and a great way to keep an eye on what books have been announced and which creators will be leading the way.

So head on over to iFanboy to check out their ‘Definitive Guide to the DC Comics Reboot‘.