Katrina hit very close to home for us.

EDIT: Created a page for all of this here.

Been wanting to write this for a while this week. My wife is from the town of Waveland, Mississippi, and spent most of her life there until meeting me. Some of her family have also moved out west, some recently.

But many of her family live in Mississippi and parts of Louisiana as well. Well to put it quite bluntly, Kim’s home town no longer exists. Her childhood home is under 12 feet of water, her school lies in bits upon the ground, and everything else that used to play the roll of a town has been destroyed. All of her family down there and friends and such are homeless. To make matters worse we have had no word from her aunt who worked in a hospital in New Orleans.

Her great aunt on the other hand, in her 80’s now, has no home at all anymore and is flying out here to Salt Lake City to live with us for as long as might be needed. She had childhood polio and needs all sorts of extra assistance. She is one of the lucky ones it would seem.

At any rate, we have struggled to come up with ways to help not only her family, but all the people down there that are suffering so much right now. We have decided to start building hygiene and health kits that will will ship down there. We scoured our neighborhood for donations yesterday and got a good sized load to start with, but we need more.

So here is my idea. If everyone that can could give one or two dollars through paypal, we could make a HUGE difference for a lot of people. I would love to crates of this stuff down there with a big note inside that said, “For the recovery, Sincerely, The ExtraLife Family”. Really let people know that we web-heads have hearts and are willing to do what we can when we can.

Simply click the “PayPal” button on the right hand side of the site, next to the current comic on the main page.

Kim and I are willing to do all the heavy lifting on this project, but it would be so cool if we could get more of the things we need to really make a difference. If even just a small percentage of my readers could give that little bit, it would combine for real power to help.

If you can offer a couple of bucks, you can give through paypal as mentioned above. We will continue to show a full accounting of everything we get and the result of the generosity.

However, if you are skittish about sending money our way to help, you can always donate to the following organizations as well, and wish you would at least do that: American Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA, Catholic Charities, and LDS Humanitarian Services. Thank you.