Just so you understand how this works…

If you create a comment in one of the posts on the site, and you are told that your comment is held in moderation, it means that you went over the threshold of how many links you can put in one comment. The system does this automatically to help prevent spam. (Thank goodness, since I get 1000’s of spam messages every day.) I check all un-approved comments, and when they are genuine, I approve them as quickly as I can.

For some, it seems, I am not quick enough. I’ve gotten a hand full of emails over the last week or so with people flipping out about their comments getting held for moderation because they think I am censoring or blocking them. Just calm down, take a nice deep breath, and come to grips with the reality that the world does not revolve around you, and that EVERYTHING that happens is a not freaking conspiracy.

Thanks. That is all.