Just got an email from my Jr. High art teacher


Most of us have a person in our lives that had a huge peripheral impact, and Mr. Wenerstrom was that person for me. He was my art teacher in my very early teens, and has effected my style and drive for art and cartooning to this day. He was a WONDERFUL cartoonist, painter, sculptor, etc. But most of all, he had real passion for his students, and his influence was hard to ignore.

It was my experience with him in his classes that fueled my desire to pursue art, in all its forms, and to push my skills and ideas beyond the norm. At the time I remember feeling very strongly that he was teaching because he REALLY cared about us and the work we were creating. It was him that reminded me that there was no set way to do anything…your imagination was more important than your method, and it prevails over all the work I do today.

Well I got an email from him today, twenty three and a half years after sitting in his class for the first time. What a cool thing to experience. He’s retired from teaching now. He draws, paints, and sculpts continually. He remembered a conversation he had with my mom all those years ago. Its crazy cool.

So here’s to you, Mr. Wenerstrom! May a million other teachers have half the impact on their students as you did.