Jack Thompson actually gave me a “cease and desist”.


Not any sort of official or legal one, mind you, but he did indeed send me the following this morning:

Subject: You have one hour to cease and desist


Included in his email were his address, phone numbers, and other personal contact info that I will not be posting here. (It’s all junk that can be found online in various places anyway, but I won’t stoop to posting his personal contact stuff here.)

I completely assumed that this was one of you jokers trying to be funny and mess with me. I was sure of it. In my mind, I said, “Well, someone went online, searched some old Joystiq or Kotaku posts and found all that info, and tried to spoof me with it.” There was one little problem. Did a deep check on the email address, and traced it back to ISP, location, etc. The email header was not faked, the data is real, and this indeed came from his very one personal email address. I won’t tell you the address itself, but I will tell you that he has the single most ironic email address I think I have ever laid eyes on. Anyway…

When I was unsure of who it was, I replied with the following:

If you are the real Jack Thompson, then I should be getting a LEGAL cease and desist letter from you, not some anonymous comment in a blog post. So since I did not get that. And since I don’t think you are him at all, then the answer is no.

Nice try though…made me giggle.


To which he then replied:

Ok, your mistake. Laugh your ass off

With the missing punctuation and everything. At that point, keep in mind, I still figured this was a faker, a hypothesis reinforced by the last reply, given its Jr. High execution. That’s when I started to dig around for email confirmation, just to be sure.

Now that I know it’s him, I have had to make a decision: Since anyone with half a mind knows he has no legal basis to say anything to me about anything, especially something as dumb and satirical as a Photoshop Contest, it becomes more the matter of do I respond at all, say anything, do this post, etc. and give him the additional exposure he seems to crave among the gaming crowd, or do I NOT feed the ultimate internet troll and let is slide.

I decided to post something for a simple reason. Whenever things like this go down, I have a sincere need and desire to share it with the EL community. So that is just what I am doing here.

I have some questions: Why would a person sit in front of a computer and search Technorati or other engines all day to see if people are saying your name? Why would a person care about a photoshop contest to the degree that they make threats to meet that care? Why would a Florida bar certified lawyer even bother with our stupid little mom and pop shop here? Why would that self same lawyer tell me to “laugh my ass off”, or post a comment in a blog, or any of these things and still expect people to consider him a professional in field of law?

Do ALL lawyers do this sort of thing? Just strip away your problems with his stance and actions with the video game industry for a moment, and just for a minute, consider the kind of personality it takes to be driven to such ends as these. To post a cease and desist notice in blog comments? To email the cartoonist and do the same? To assume that I am no smarter than a under-developed brick with mild retardation? It, in all honesty, feels like a weird dream I am not allowed to understand.

So let’s just touch on the core issue here: I have run yet another Photoshop contest, as I am prone to do every few weeks, have chosen a topic to reflect some recent news dealing with Jack, you guys are working away on your entries….and through all this, somehow I have warranted the time and worry of Jack Thompson. It boggles. It really does. Just pray you never see Jack in political office, lest each and every political cartoonist be sued daily.

I could go on for pages about this, but I think this is just about all the exposure I want to give him and his twisted need for recognition. I just find the whole thing strange, surreal, funny, sad, enlightening, retarded, and lame all at the same time. There should be a word for this sort of thing, but I can think of none.

PS: You’d think he would have a harder time with me back in January.