It’s not looking good…

There is only one truth I believe in this week: I need to heal. Only twice in my lifetime have I been commanded by a flu strain as I am this week. Once, when I was 15, once about 6 years ago, and now. A full fledged, horrible week long (so far) fever riddled death march, highlighted with bouts of lung tearing coughing and headaches so blinding, I am pretty sure I saw a unicorn.

All truth be told, I do feel like I got over the hump today a little, but not enough to do ELR. Why not just trudge through it anyway? Three reasons:

1. It’s not really fair to the other guys to have to deal with me this way.

2. It’s not really fair to the listeners. You come to expect SOMETHING good from this show, and me being ill like this will only sink us lower than our normal standards.

3. I don’t really have a third thing, but if I did, you can bet I would tell you right here. Instead I will say this: Monday perhaps?

I can’t STAND missing a week, so I am trying my best to not have that happen. But I really need to kill this and kill it good so I can get back to my life! My poor wife and kids, dude…I am the single worst sick person ever. I am pretty sure I have redefined the word cranky in their minds.

So, can you all forgive me for a day, maybe a week if it comes to that? I already have all the Instance people up in my grill for missing that as well. In the end, you have to admit, we are the single most consistent independent updated podcast people on earth, even with missing a week. As regular as grandma on Raisin Bran, I like to say.