It’s ExtraLife Science Thursday


Thought I would share the following phenomenon with each of you today. One afternoon in the year 1999, I peeled an orange for lunch at the office. For some reason, I kept the top cap of the orange peel and stuck it in my drawer. It never stank, it never rotted, it never did anything but shrink a bit and become hard. Not brittle at all. (It’s the one in the image that looks like a nipple.)

Next to it is pictured another orange, this time one of those little ones you can buy (can’t remember the name), and it was allowed to sit in the same drawer for the last 2 years. The quest was to see if the new orange, which remained whole, would experience the same preservation effects as the peeling. The answer is yes. No smells, no decomposition. Just a little dark, hard as a rock, and completely preserved.

Anyway, I just thought this was really sort of interesting, and it might be fun to share. Strange as it might sound.