I’ts a Wonderful Life…

Sometimes you forget. It’s easy to get used to it and accept it all for granted. Occasionally though, it comes to me and I am reminded of the amazing time we live in. Sure the world is full of horrible things, and when isn’t it? It surely has its general ups and downs. But on the whole, I LOVE the time we live in. You have to think that in 20 years, we will be even more blown away by all the cool tech and connectivity we might enjoy then, but these feel like the golden age to me.

When I was 12 years old watching Voltron on the couch, and playing with my Starwars action figures, did I have any idea what I would be watching on my couch, and what new toys I would have to play with? When I was drawing in my sketch book as a kid and teenager, did I have any idea that I could put those drawings somewhere will relative ease, and that 10’s of thousands of people would see them every day? When I was recording fake news casts on my mom’s cassette tape recorded in the closet, and playing it back to my friends, did I have any idea that I would one day be producing studio quality radio shows that nearly 50,000 people listen to per week?

I could go on and on about gadgets, and where gaming has gone, and internet stuff, movies, etc etc…But I just wanted to use this post as a way of letting you guys know that I really, really appreciate where we are right now. I love this community…I love this chance I’ve been given. And I just love being around all this stuff! Here’s hoping we never truly forget how cool we have it.