“In these economic times…”

I don’t talk about serious subjects much on this blog, mostly because none of you probably come here for any of that, and so it comes off as, “something you probably don’t come here for.”

All this stuff going down with economic slow downs, melt downs, recessions, resets, etc etc… You start to ask yourself what you really want to do? I know people who’ve lost their jobs, who are struggling to keep the one they have, and more that are nervous about what it means for them. As a father of three, I know the pain of worrying about making sure you are doing your best to put food on the table, a roof over your head, and a provide an education for your kids. It is easy for someone to get depressed about all this…to think they are totally removed from any sense of control.


They can do what I am really trying hard to do: Put my head down, work hard, build up value, and do my best to not buy into what the media would have me believe. In the end, it’s all anyone can do. Do good work. Play nice with others. Help those who can’t help themselves, and be willing to take help from those who can help you.

Oddly, I am having a weird dichotomy happen during all of this. I have never had more commission requests, more paid side projects, more print sales, and more traffic than I do right now. And that is just illustration and cartoon work. I have a guess that it probably has more to do with the fact that I am fast and cheap than anything else, but also, I think there is just a but of “do your very best and things work out” happening here.

Either way, the point of this thread to let readers know how much I appreciate all you do to support ExtraLife, the podcasts, and everything else. And I mean ALL of you. There is something special about the EL crowd that is hard for me to put my finger on, nor take much credit for. So thank you.

Expect to see me keep grinding. There is no giving up. (I sound like Mel Gibson in a kilt.)