I’m thankful for…

My partial list of things I’m thankful for on this Thanksgiving day. (In no particular order.)

Kim, hot tubs, Taylor, the smell of gasoline, Carter, Turkey, Bruce Campbell, pepper jack cheese, automotive transportation, Brian Dunaway, Miami Vice, deserts, desserts, my mom, Veronica, the brotherhood of Mario & Luigi, my childhood gerbil raising business, deer jerky, dinosaur bones, Nick, a good neck rub, Daisy, zombies, arcades, the iPhone, Randy Deluxe, bananas, Vic Macke, podcasting, Tex Avery, Flapjack, steak, Futurama, Eric VanSkyhawk, hot wings, level headed people, Star Trek, my brothers and sisters, Ben Chase & David Hendrickson, westerns, monkeys, desert planets, hockey video games, Henry, chocolate covered blueberries, AIE, my macs, the Internet, Brian Ibbott, fruit leather, HR Giger, space, football, Chuck Jones, pumkin cookies, Planes Trains & Automobiles, Obsidian, Wes Anderson movies, Blizzard Entertainment, Tom Merritt, talent, fruit smoothies, comfy beds, fireworks, The Spags, cold cerial, Costco, 1080p, Patrick, Dr Pepper, John Hogman, Len, all my nerdtacular peeps, Honda, the legacy of my father, The Dark Tower, SIN ten man, zebras, DropBox, my consoles, Mr. Wenerstrom, General Tsao’s chicken, the 80’s, John Pryor, Sulu’s crazy extend-able Katana blade, Ron Perlman, old time radio, all my readers, listeners & fans, and everything else I forgot to type here.

Thank You!