I’m irritated by my Wii…

Here are a few issues that are bugging me about my Wii:

1. Triple A titles have pretty much stopped coming out. What are the big fall releases?
2. You can still hardly find them anywhere. I don’t get it.
3. Wii Sports is still the best game using motion control on the thing.
4. WiiWare titles come out without any warning, demo, or preview and all you have is a tiny thumbnail and 10 bucks to gamble with.
5. My son plays mostly old Gamecube games on ours.

I could go on, but I am in a bit of a sour mood about my Wii lately. I love Nintendo, and always have. But Something needs to improve there for me to care for the rest of this current console period. There is just too many compelling experiences to be had on the 360, PS3, and PC now for them to get this lazy.

Yeah, pretty harsh coming from such a Nintendo fan boy like me.