I’m in a downtown hotel

Once or twice a year we take the kids on a surprise Hotel stay, which they really enjoy and look forward to. This weekend its just a jaunt away in lovely downtown Salt Lake City. We are staying in a really nice place that is kind of historic and popular for visitors. They have all the stuff you want…big food, big rooms, and a big pool.

Now here is where it gets interesting. We were at the pool for a couple hours tonight. The kids had a blast as one might expect. My ugly white body was on display for all to see. Good times, right?

At one point it occurs to me that the shallow end of the pool seemed warmer than the rest of the pool. My wife thought maybe the jets were over there. Personally, I am convinced that the entire end of the pool is one big pee soaked carnival. Kids were all over the place.

But here’s the funny part. I swam over to my 5 year old son, Nick. “How’s it goin’, bud?” “good”, he replied. Suddenly I notice that the area right around him was warmer than it was moments before. I immediately asked, “dude! did you pee?”. He just grinned and swam away from me.

It hit me. These kids are involved in a great big conspiracy!! They all know they are peeing, and they all keep it secret…its like we need some sort of warren commission to expose the truth! It was creepy. Needless to say, I got out of the pool so fast that if you blinked, you’d have missed it.

Anyway, thought I would share. 🙂