I was out of town…

Sorry for the lack of new posts on the blog and such. Managed to have a comic crack off on time Thursday, but other than that, spent the last 5 days in a cabin in the Utah mountains, surrounded by lakes, trees, and moose kind who would like to eat me. Had 25 people in this huge cabin, which we do each year with my extended family. Essentially my siblings, all their kids, and my mom. Good fun. Kim cooks for all of these people the entire time. Still unsure how she pulls this all off. Also, here’s my sister playing the Uke at the cabin.

Anyway, my birthday often lands on this week every year, and this time was no different. Had a fun time with everyone as expected. Spent the day at a big lake riding jet-skis, ATV’s, and fishing. Also, here’s a picture of me playing pictionary around a table with my iPad. (I promise that is not a penis.)

Did I mention that 10 of the 25 of us came down with some kind of zombie gut flu? Did I mention I was one of em? Only lasted 12 hours, but oh what a 12 hours it was. Never forget. Also, here’s a picture of a crooked tree near the cabin.

Anyway, back to the grind. Was nice to get away, but it’s time to put the foot on the gas again and rock this joint. Hope yer all having a great summer. Also, here is a stern look from my brother Matt, also known as Ding Pong.

Watch for comics, shows and more this week!