I need to take a minute and say thanks…


The exposure of the 56 Geeks Project this last month meant a HUGE uptake in print orders, most of whom had never heard of extralife, or anything else I do for that matter. The DIGG article, plus numerous blog posts and news blurbs around the net created a nice boost to the project’s popularity.

As a result, I was able to finally do something I’ve been needing to do for a couple years: Get a Wacom Cintiq. It just so happens that I am a recipient of a rather fateful set of events. I was never really in the market for the large, expensive units. But this happens to be about the time that Wacom released the 12wx, and for just $999.00. Not only that, but the unit is getting incrediblly strong press from all over the place, including this review at Gizmodo. (Worth reading and watching the included video.)

Thanks to strong 56 Geek Print sales, and this new price friendly Cintiq, I will finally be pure digital from sketch to final. The pencil sketch is my only paper portion of things as it is right now. This moves me to a pure digital process, and I can hardly wait. What does this mean? Lots of things, one of them being a secret. 🙂 But the time it will save me, the precision it will give me…well the creative possibilities are endless as far as I’m concerned.

I just wanted to thank those of you that are helping me build EL and associated work into a real career choice. Those that got a Geeks print deserve the most immediate recognition. Without you, I would not have one of these on its way from Amazon right now. 🙂 Thank you for helping 2007 end in such a way. I promise that you’ll all be the direct recipient of what this new tool will let me do.