I need to go off a little here…

So according to this new study, orange juice, along with apple, grapefruit, etc, is now bad for you if you are sick. What? Here’s a quote:

Research has shown that orange, apple and grapefruit juice can also wipe out the benefits of some antibiotics and hay-fever pills.

It is thought the drinks stop drugs from entering the bloodstream and getting to work in the body – possibly rendering them useless.

Now lets keep an important fact in mind. I’ve been told at least four different times that eggs are bad for me, and then that they were good for me. I’ve been told that green tea helps reduce risks of certain cancers. Then some other study told me that it actually increases cancer risks. I’ve been told by people and organizations who should know that milk is really good for me. I’ve been told that milk is horrible for me years later by similar parties.

I think you get my drift here. So ALL my life, working on 4 decades worth, I’ve been told that drinking lots of orange juice when you have a cold or flu is the best thing you can do. Nature’s natural way of giving you the vitamins and enzymes you need to fight things off. Now I am being told effectively the opposite. What gives? I am becoming that dude that thinks the government is crazy, and trusts no one.

Am I crazy with this? Your thoughts, please.