I give thee: The ExtraLife Widget!

A HUGE thanks to Sam for making this thing. It is a fully collapsable widget for Apple’s dashboard found in OSX. So for now this only works for you mac users, unless I am retarded and just did not know this thing can be crossplatform, and if it can, all the better! 🙂

It displays the most recent comic whenever its viewed. If we get some good feedback on it, we might be able to tweak it, add features, etc. And if anyone is in the mood, you can submit this to Apple’s widget area on their site. Might be fun to see how many downloads it gets over there. 🙂

Sam gets one of these for his fine work.

You can get the widget file and all you need right here. Sam RULES!!

EDIT: Updated to version 1.2. Download the latest using the same link. (only 150k)