I don’t tell you guys this enough…


I have been so busy lately that I was wondering if the world was spinning out of control, or was it me that was whirling around like a maniac.

But it all got me to thinking. EL is 5 plus years strong now, with no signs of slowing. I am happy to report that site stats are through the roof, at an all time high. ELR downloads grow ever week, and has yet to dip since episode one. More and more doors open and more and more opportunities become available to me…all because of this crazy wagon I am riding on called ExtraLife, which simply started as a way to make me draw regularly and not get rusty. It literally seems to have a life of its own now. 🙂

Bottom line? I never seem to thank the people who have made it all happen…and that would be you guys. I really feel like I have some of the best fans anywhere on the web, and it would all be lame without you. Some of you have been here since day one, and others just found it today.

To you and everyone in between, THANK YOU! Thanks for hanging out here, and I hope you enjoy it for years to come.