I am like a little kid this week….

I figure since I have a bit of time to use this “borrowed” wireless internet, I’d get what I can when I can. No looking a gift horse in the mouth here.

So I had a couple thoughts. On our way out here to this place we stopped in town, at the Nerdtacular theater, and saw a showing of Kung-Fu Panda. As compared to previous attempts by Dreamworks Animation studios, this one was actually pretty good. Like…REALLY good. Like somewhere in the same ballpark as some Pixar work.

No, I’m not talking about graphics, or technology here…everyone pretty much has that down and they all look good these days. I’m talking about actual character development, well executed stories, and getting emotionally involved with what is happening on that screen. Pixar pulls this off every time, but DW never quite hits it for me. The Shrek movies leave me dry, and I HATE Madagascar with a passion I can only describe as “all consuming”. (Though I do dig those penguins.)

Anyway, I could go on about the older stuff, but would rather not. I am so pleasantly surprised by the leaf they have turned over with Panda, that I can hardly believe it’s the same studio. ALL of my kids cried during a certain “death” scene. I won’t spoil it, but it is not easy to generate that kind of emotion from kids who have seen all these sorts of things. On top of all that, there are some REALLY funny laughs in this movie, and I have to say, the action sequences are really really great. Like, Incredibles great, in their own way.

Highly recommend it to anyone anywhere. I really hope this represents a shift in thinking and priorities at Dreamworks. The more the merrier.

To top all that off, we brought the Wii with us, and picked up a copy of Boom Blox. Man, was I wrong about this one. I see Speilbergs name on it, I see EA’s name on it, and all my bias about film people in games and greedy publishers rises to the surface in a furious rage…but then I play it, and I realize, this game is REALLY fun. I can only describe it as the ultimate Jenga game, with a ton of twists thrown in there. It works so well, it is probably the most fun we have had with the Wii since launch, and since Wii Sports. In terms of raw fun factor, especially with multiple people in the room, I would put this in the top thee games out there on any system.

So yeah, it’s been a nice surprise to find these two gems. Frankly, I thought I was going to be disappointed in both. Instead, I feel like a kid again this week.