HELP! Good T-shirt maker needed

shirt-picture-1.pngHey all. Been trying for a couple years now to get just the right relationship with the right company to help me get some EL and ELR t-shirts on your backs, without gouging you or causing me a management nightmare.

I am inches away from just throwing my hands up and doing a CafePress premium store and be done with it. They have some good options, ways to buy, simple turnaround, etc. However, I find that sometimes you guys are pretty smart and know of some options or alternatives out there that I am not thinking of.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a good solid T-shirt screener that is priced well, makes good quality shirts, both spot color and CYMK, does not have HUGE minimums, etc etc. Reliable service helps too. Anyway, post a comment if you are in the know. I really want to finally get this happening.