Heading to Iron Man right now…

I will get back with pictures and thoughts on the film. Then its off to a few comic book stores for free comic book day.

Post your Iron Man thoughts here! Try to stay spoiler free if you can.

See you in a few hours!

UPDATE: Back, and have a few things to say, and a few pictures to show. Click the link below to see it all.

Wow. Just, wow. This movie is really really great, and works on many movie levels: Action, thought provoking story, great acting, and popcorn fun. If this is what we can expect from Mavel Studios moving forward, we are all in for some special films. Absolutely a must see if you are on the fence for some dumb reason. In the end, this movie is in Batman Begins territory as far as my favorite comic book movies go. Makes me wish these same people worked on the last Spiderman. Simply wonderful.

In the theater, just played two Tetris DS matches where I simply dominated. 🙂 I am the one with the horrible additional neck rolls I am not used to seeing. That guy next to me? Mark, the other guy, from ELR back in the day for long time listeners. Behind is is the ever faithful, Scott Dewar.

Collin, a dude who’s name I forget, Daniel (a regular reader), me (with the flash sensitive grey happening on the sides), and Mark, hangin’ in the lobby, yo.

Chatting it up outside with Mark and Collin. By the way, that IS the July Nerdtacular theater we are standing outside of. 🙂

I brought the kids and a couple of their cousins. Fun!

Great time was had by all. Hope you guys enjoyed the movie as much as I did!