Have I mentioned how much I like this stuff?


As many of you know I am back on the comics wagon again, and pretty hardcorely so. Really having fun catching up with old books I’ve not seen in a while, and tracking down new recommendations that many of you have pushed my way.

But no one out there, and I mean no one, has been able to get me more informed and pumped about comic books than MajorSpoilers.com. I know I link articles from there all the time, but I have never really gotten into how big of a impact it has on my re-kindled love for all things comic books. It’s simple my favorite place to get the latest scoop, and it should be yours too.

To top it off, I now use ComicHole.com pretty exclusively for all my comic buying needs. The prices rock, service is tops, the selection is ever growing, and its fast and easy. These two sources combine to bring me just what I need right now with my horrible habit.

You might think these guys are paying me to say all of this. Nope. Not a dime…they just happen to be doing something I can get behind and recommend without hesitation.