Had a thought…could be fun.

So here is what I am thinking. People have said they really enjoy the realtime drawing sessions I am doing on uStream. We could just go on with occasional sit ins with me creating the next days comic, etc. While I like that idea, and will surely comply, I want to take it a tad further.

I’d like to do a little interactive fun if you guys are willing. Post in this post’s comment thread the following:

A single name or word…anything you want. The goal is to be random and interesting. Then, on Tuesday night I will hop online and we will play a little game. Using the words / names on the list, we will engage in a little artistic improv. For example, if Jimmy typed the word Potato, I would proceed to create a bit of art that comes to my head from that word. And no, chances low that I will just draw a potato and move on. 🙂

Anyway, this sounds like fun to me. We will even use the camera switching, so I will address the camera each time we talk about someone and their word, and then flash back to the Cintiq for the artwork. I will record the whole thing as well, so that should be fun.

Interested? Then get to commenting. You can submit more than one if you want, but keep in mind that my goal will be to give lots of people a shot.

My plan to do this is just after I record The Instance on tuesday night, say 8:30pm MTN time, 10:30pm Eastern. We are GMT -6 for those who like to tell time with that black magic. See you then! (Might even do the comic that night too. :))