Guild Update: The Die Has Certainly Been Cast


EDIT: I would REALLY like to get as many of us in at one time, in some central location, for a big group shot. I am thinking tonight maybe, or maybe Saturday? What works for people? At some point I will post a sensible time and we can all rally around that.

As of my logging tonight we have 315 members in the guild. It has exploded to say the least. But there is always room for more. For those WoW players looking for a fun time on the Horde side of Earthen Ring, hop in and look for Dreadspine (me), or Kaustic (andrew) and ask for an invite. If we are not on at the time, hang tight. We will get you in as soon as we can.

Thanks to all the current members for making things so fun thus far. We could not be happier…eth.