Guild Update: The Die continues to be Cast

Scott and V take Stonetalon by storm

Thought I would pop in with a quick update on things. The guild continues to grow every time an officer is in to add people, though we can’t see past 500 in the list…soft cap from Blizzard no doubt. Things are going really well and people seem to be having a good time with each other.

We had a HUGE add to the guild tonight…someone of great note one might say…we are thrilled but I don’t want that person to get whispers like crazy and not enjoy being with us…so they remain nameless for the purposes of this post.

EDIT: Ok…the word is already out. Leo Laporte, of TWIT fame, Tech TV, The Tech Guy, etc etc. HE joined our guild! Can I hear a WOOT?!

We are working on a vent server, and a few other things, including some plans for regular RP events, and the like. Still haven’t joined up? Look up Dreadspine (that’s me) or Kaustic (that’s andrew) on Earthen Ring and BOOM! Yer in!