Grandma In The Hospital

Barbara, who I interviewed the other night for ExtraLife Radio is in the hosipital with possible blood clot problems. In Tim’s words:

Sometime this afternoon Grandma was balancing her checkbook and going through the bills for this week and became dizzy. She went numb in places on one side. After a trip the the emergency room, they first suspected a stroke. They haven’t ruled anything out yet, but they are focusing on the possibility of a blood clot moving towards the lungs. They took a CAT scan, they studied her heart from all possible angles, and they have scheduled a test tomorrow to view the lungs using a special dye (to which she happens to be allergic.) Because of possible complications from the dye, they are using a technique unavailable at triage using a breathing mask as the delivery method rather than an injection. She is being given blood thinners right now and is to be kept overnight and restricted to bed until a blood clot is ruled out.

This is really sad. My thoughts are with her and her and Tim and family while they work through this. She was so fun to talk to. Get better!

UPDATE: Turns out that was a REALLY old article on the site from back in Sept. She is fine now, and its anchient history. Tim let me know. (I feel really dumb right now.)