Get your Skyhawk groove on…

Those of you who are fans of my shows, ELR or The Instance, will know that occasionally I play electronica music tracks by someone I’ve referred to as Skyhawk. It is important to note that he and I have become fast friends, and oddly enough, have incredible connections to each other that reach back to highschool days. Long story…maybe I’ll tell that story sometime.

Anyway, since the first time I played something from him, I get almost daily requests for a place they can buy his music and support him. Turns out he has put his latest (and my favorite) track up on AmazonMP3, with iTunes to come very shortly. This track has never been heard before, and is coated in a thick layer of awesome.

A side note…and I hope Eric will forgive me for being so forward about this, but this song, like another we play on the show, features sound samples from his Son, Wes. (The new song is actually called Wes3.) Having gotten to know Eric and his family over the last year or so, I learned that Wes was born with a challenging form of Autism. Why does any of that matter? Because I FEEL the love Eric and his wife have for the little guy, and they’ve even found a way to express his energy and love for life in musical form. That sort of thing goes really deep for me, and just adds to what is already really awesome music.

So, get your groove on AmazonMP3. As he gets closer to releasing new tracks and even whole albums, I will make sure you guys know.