Gaming Myths: Top 10

Everyone loves Top 10 lists, and thanks to ExtremeTech we have another one. They created a list of the Top 10 Gaming Myths. It goes as follows:

1. The PlayStation 3 will Fail
2. PC Games are Doomed
3. You Need a $500 Graphics Card
4. Console Games are for Twitch Gamers
5. Handheld Games are for Kids
6. Console Games are Too Simple
7. PC Games are Too Complicated
8. PC Copy Protection is Too Onerous
9. Games are Too Violent
10. I’m Embarrassed About Gaming

The list seems pretty bang on. Although, I would of liked a “Not all gamers are overweight, greasy teenagers that saying ‘Would you like fries with that?’ has become second nature to them” on the list, but we can have everything. What do you think of the list? Anything that should be struck off? Anything needing added? Source.