GameStop Employee Has The Scoop


A helpful GameStop employee has posted a video of him displaying a newly distributed marketing booklet. The video contains some semi-new information concering the Wii, PS3 and Sony’s vendetta against the youth of today. Read on.

  • The small screen situated above the main screen on the Wii kiosk will display the current player whilst playing the game. Allowing for people to see themselves flailing wildly whilst playing the Wii
  • Wii kiosks should be arriving in GameStop’s around late October/early November. Reinforcing the rumours that the Wii will launch early/mid November, perhaps?
  • That the PS3 US’s slogan maybe “Play Beyond”. A slight improvement over the terrible European slogan “This Is Living”. Still poop, though.
  • Sony are attempting to cripple the younger generation by placing the PS3 kiosk screen so high.