Freaking stupid lame morning!

So we were told by our local little AT&T store that they did not expect to have too much of a line for their 8am opening to start selling 3G iphones today. What a load of turd that ended up being.

Kim and I got there at 7:30am, and entered a line that was pushing 400 people…for a store that normally holds maybe 20 people in the craziest of circumstances. We figured, well at least you gotta think they have plenty of phones, right? Wrong. They had about 100 or so. EVERYONE else, while not actually being told this yet, was waiting in line for vouchers on future shipments. Lame.

Not only that, even if they had tons of the phones, AT&T in their infinite wisdom, forced a change this time around, at least right now anyway, where you could no longer just get your phone, or get it online, and activate over the internet as with the first iPhone. In essence, they pushed things back to the way phone carriers work normally, which is this laborious task of standing there for 20 minutes while you activate a phone, sign contracts, etc etc. So lame.

Bottom line? I had to go…I have a life. I waited a year, I guess I can wait another little while for the dust to settle. But it still bugs me. In the meantime, I can hear the board meeting at AT&T that happened a few months ago now. “I say we make em come into the store and get it, that way we can do other up sales and accessory marketing while we have em there!” “Brilliant, sir!”, etc…

Lame. So anyone get theirs? Oh, and I should warn, please don’t make this a MAC vs PC or Apple vs Whoever argument thread…those bore me and no one cares.