Three over rated things about the Internet today.

This is my own list folks, not something I found somewhere else. There are wonderful things happening on the web right now, and regular people like me and you can do just about anything! Its a great time to be alive.

There are just a few things that are driving me crazy with the current state of the web I need to get off my chest. Agree with any of these?

1. Web 2.0
It means nothing. Usually, when a version number is added to software or a video game, you can expect it to actually be a new version. Web 2.0 “implies” that there is some actual upgrade or difference in the the way we use the web, or at the least, a change to the foundation / infrastructure of things. Its simply not so. Catch phrases and hype will always be part of life, but this is a gross miss use of terminology and I hate it.

This sort of goes with what was said above. Know what AJAX is? Its javascript. Pure, good old fashioned javascript. Been with us for a decade or more. Suddenly its called AJAX?? I am thrilled that people have finally started to use JS for its potential. Its always been there, and calling it AJAX and pretending like its all new is lame.

3. MySpace
Folks, I just don’t get it. It is simply the ugliest, cludgiest, nastiest website in the history of the web. What makes this so freaking great? I can’t honestly tell at all! Is it the 1992 graphical touches, the weak presentation, the simple communication tools my grandma could have designed from the grave? Or is it simply hype, talk, and controversy? Boggles.