For the ExtraLife Fathers & Mothers

For those guys out there like me that are in the middle of trying to be good parents, I thought this might be of some good use to you. I work with Dr. Scoresby in the day, and he always has something to say that hits home with me. A big part of is his 35+ years of child and family psychology experience I figure. 😉

In 1974, Lawrence Kohlberg, a pioneer in moral reasoning, reported an attempt to educate children in a school setting. He had researched six levels of thinking or reasoning and hoped to help children reason in a morally mature way. A short summary of his findings revealed that it was possible toimprove behavior at school but not outside of school. His attempt, much like the schools attempts today, may help out school but not produce actual development of the personality qualities parents and teachers hope for.

You guys might be able to get something out of it as well.