Fish ‘N Chips, by Steve Hamaker

Many of you know Steve’s work if you have read any of the Bone books in the last few years. He is the award winning colorist of Bone, and works with Jeff Smith on all sorts of projects. He’s also got a few projects of his own, and one of my favorites is his Fish ‘N Chips series. If you ever thought adventure needed more dudes with fish bowls for heads, then you have come to the right place. They stuff is really delightful, and a blast to read, and his art is some of the best you see in this kind of independent book.

It will be in comic book stores this October, and you can use the comic book code AUG100915F to let your local shop know you want a copy. Even better, I had the privelidge of providing a pinup image in the book as well, with my own take on the characters. Lots of other artists did as well, so it really is a must have.

More info here. Huge grats to Steve! Knock em dead, my friend!